stanley parable screenshot, with the narrator saying 'i dont know how to stop you from pressing the button again.'

i dunno i wanna write about the stanley parable ultra deluxe so i can remember later that i really liked it. i can tell ppl's reactions are gonna be fun to watch on youtube so i wanna make sure mine are Recorded

the skip ending. got me. like the narrator talks and you have to skip it, you have to not listen and he just leaves. and its all because of you and also because of him because of the reviews but also because of the reviews because steam reviews are just hell!!!! and they dont know theres a person making the game! and the narrator just is stuck watching you not respond to him, and you never respond anyway, but its fine because even if you dont answer youre HERE you LISTEN! its fine if no one answers as long as someone listens! and all we want as creators is for people to see! the story doesnt matter the game doesnt matter what matters is IS SOMEBODY THERE! to accept what we've made! and we try and bend over backwards to make sure people like what we do (make a sequel? dont make a sequel? whats in the sequel?) and we forget about actually making something we like! and the narrator is lonely and stanley is lonely and so they create a bucket to talk to (bucket is stanley is the narrator) and the three of them are stuck here forever! stanley does what the narrator couldnt do, he saves the bucket in the escape ending! stanley could escape, but he doesnt, he lets the bucket escape, because unlike stanley the bucket cant even leave in the freedom ending! like god!!!!!! fuck me up!!!!!!!!!!!

and the epilogue... you spend years and years and years not listening to the narrator and he leaves and everything is destroyed and the building is destroyed and yet the memory house still exists!!! but the only thing thats left is the bad reviews, because of course!!!

who the hell talks to you during the sliders idk!!! why cant i enter the sliders championship room idk!!! its about making sure the stanley parable continues, its about making sequels for it, its about making it live forever! the end is never the end is never the end!

and the memory house only has the reviews left, and the name buttons which call jim's name still except one!!! which calls stanley!!! stanley you've been seen!!! there's a button for you!!! because the game is all about you but youre just a fictional character and nothing about you matters and you even get merch figurines of you like you're FICTIONAL but in the end! the button calls your name, stanley! youre real!!!! FUCK ME UP!!!!!! YEAH IM ENJOYING THE NEW CONTENT!!!!!

like wah. also employee 432 wassup. im glad the quality is better so we can read all those dang papers. i wish i could turn off the printer.

and like uuuurgh the anger of the narrator! like ok maybe they have a point maybe the game needs a skip button. and oh actually the skip button ruined everything, the story is ruined, the themes are ruined, and worse, no one will actually listen now. no one will take it in. because you can skip it then people do, and in a game like this, if you skip the narrators voice then theres nothing left! and just by asking for a skip button then THEY DONT UNDERSTAND!!! they dont understand the goddamn game!!! its about the narrator's voice, its about his thoughts, its about his story!!! and you want to silence him you dont even want to hear him!!!! you want entertainment, but on your terms!!! you dont want THIS entertainment you dont want to hear the narrator who's the GAME ITSELF and so you demand that the game remove him! like DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!!!! HE IS THE GAME!!!!! WHY DID YOU PLAY THE GAME!!!! THANK YOU FOR ENJOYING THE NEW CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH (yells and destroys shit)

anyway good game. really excited for the stanley parable 3: no more coworkers